June 15, 2022

Curious Health launches with a mission to bring performance into healthcare communications

This week sees the launch of Curious Health as a purpose-led health agency designed for the hybrid-age we’re living in.  Our mission is to find ways to do things better in healthcare communications. Whether it is how we run the agency, the way we work with clients, or how we help our clients better meet the needs of their stakeholders. We can’t wait to share our ideas.

The health sector landscape has changed and this really energises us at Curious Health.

Competition for share of voice is fierce and the old ways of ‘broadcasting content’ are obsolete. Companies want communications solutions that are informed by data, delivered by an affordable, experienced and consistent team who understand their business.

People are both overloaded with information and asking more questions than ever before. Communications expertise is required to fully engage stakeholders by listening, being part of the conversation and showing up in places that people are searching for information.

The health sector has never been more dynamic

The health sector landscape has changed. Pharma companies are evolving; bringing in expertise from different sectors, partnering with or buying data companies and finding new ways to tackle the issue of underperforming pipelines. Biotech start-ups are increasing, digital therapeutics are being taken seriously and tech companies are eyeing up the sector in a serious way.  Competition for share of voice is fierce and the old ways of ‘broadcasting content’ are obsolete.

Healthcare clients want to build relationships with their stakeholders in meaningful ways. They want to bring to life their purpose through social action.

They want ideas for how to do this in a way that grows their reputation, earns them the right sort of attention, changes perceptions and supports their commercial objectives.

They want to find ways to change the behaviour of people and HCPs to improve health outcomes. They want to be part of a meaningful two-way conversation with stakeholders from payors to patients.

They want communications solutions that are informed by data, delivered by an experienced and consistent team who understand their business.  They want to evidence the impact of the work.

They want to do this in an affordable way.

How can we do this better and with more impact?

We’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months thinking about how health communication agencies can rise to the occasion to meet not just the needs of clients, but really importantly, the needs of our stakeholders.

We need to use the power of data and technology to create health communications programmes that show up in places where people want to engage; sharing stories that provoke responses and create impact.

Health communications needs to blend new ways of building authority online with the classic communications discipline of growing reputation for clients.

Performance marketing is an increasingly established and fundamental part of any marketing programme.  We need to use the principles of performance in communications.  We need to use data to understand the questions audiences are asking, create compelling earned content and ensure that this is optimised to win share of attention, build online authority, and grow reputation.

We also need to experiment with technology to show how the right tech, in the right situation can help with learning, engagement and story-telling.

We have already rolled up our sleeves and are getting on with doing things better for our clients and could not be more excited to see where this curious journey is going to take us.

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