Doing it

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Diversity and Inclusion at Curious Health

We know that the most impactful communications programmes are built by teams who bring different perspectives and life experiences.  We know that an enriching work environment is one that celebrates people’s different abilities, sexual orientation, background, ethnicity, faith, and gender.  Curious Health is built to celebrate diversity and create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Our values

Believe in the power of Why?

We are optimistic and believe that being questioning challenges us to do things better every day. A questioning mindset has never been more important in a fast-changing world. We challenge ourselves and our clients to deliver real and long-lasting impact by understanding their own ‘why’ and delivering amazing campaigns that deliver against it.

Always deliver

We are dedicated to delivering brilliant results that our clients will be admired for. Our curiosity means that we ask the right questions of research so that data it works hard for us to light the way to outstanding success.

Show your spirit

We make sure our personalities show up in our work and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


We collaborate and celebrate often – with our clients, with partners and each other. Whilst we can work from anywhere, we enjoy spending meaningful time together as a team.

Be respectful

We work smart on behalf of our clients and are respectful of people’s right to disconnect. The foundation of our business is built on our different experiences, insights, perspectives, values, and points of view.

We are lastingly mindful of our diverse team, community and beautiful planet.

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