Analysing FAQs give insight to what customers and other stakeholders want from companies. They help you understand frustrations with a product and what you can include on your website to drive traffic and engagement. So here are a few FAQs that we get asked. Don’t let that stop you getting in touch though!

We like to think it is the marriage of decades of communications experience and an inquisitive mindset that enables us to create programmes that provoke responses, create impact and drive change. We’re also quite funny.

We are always asking ourselves, ‘how can we do this better, and with more impact?’ This applies to the agency that we’re building as well as our client programmes. We’re always striving to be better.

That said, it isn’t really up to us to answer that. If you’d like to speak to one of our clients to see what they think makes us different, we’d be happy to put you in touch.

We sure do! We focus on outcome, not process. We deliver communications programmes that drive impact and delight our clients. How and when that is done is up to each team member – whilst being accountable to each other.

We are location agnostic and recruit from across the UK. We can work from anywhere, but we invest in quality time together as a team. This also helps us recruit a more diverse team. Shared working space is provided for those who prefer to work from an office.

Exceptional talent is hard to come by so we’re always open to hearing from people at any level who would like to chat about working at Curious Health, you can find out if we’re currently hiring on vacancies page or contact staycurious@curioushealth.io

We carefully monitor how we’re delivering against our business plan to determine when and how to grow our team. We’re committed to making sure people have the headspace to do the job they are capable of doing and avoid burnout, whilst also delivering our commercial objectives.

We know that the most impactful communications programmes are built by teams who bring different perspectives and life experiences. We know that an enriching work environment is one that celebrates people’s different abilities, sexual orientation, background, ethnicity, faith, and gender. Curious Health is built to celebrate diversity and create an environment where everyone can thrive.

One of the joys of building an agency from scratch today is having this baked into your foundations. That’s not to say we have all the answers. We most definitely do not. We will be challenged; we’ll learn and act to make sure that we’re delivering on our promise. Here are some things that we’ve done to make a start:

– All team members undertake unconscious bias training, which is regularly revisited

– We run workshops that enable us to build an agency that promotes psychological safety. This helps all of us, but is also designed to make sure that team members who consider themselves to be neurodiverse feel they are able to thrive

– We recruit from the whole of the UK, enabling people to work together virtually whilst investing in spending quality time together. This helps us recruit people from more diverse backgrounds

– We have signed up to the Better Business Act, so we are committed to assessing the success of our business on more than just financial KPIs.

– We’ve promised to advance the purpose of Curious Health, not only for the shareholders, but also in a way that benefits, and reduces harm, for wider society and the environment.

With decades of experience, we probably do. We’re happy to chat about how we can help with any communications challenge so get in touch at staycurious@curioushealth.io. What we can confidently say is that we have the experience to get to grips with a therapy area, stakeholder needs and the communications challenge by being inquisitive and asking questions. In our ever-changing world, there is benefit in avoiding long-held assumptions.

We deliver value for money. We focus on spending our money on the right things so we can reward our amazing team and provide cost effective solutions for clients. We’d love to chat about what this means for you so please get in touch at staycurious@curioushealth.io if you’d like to know more.

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