September 28, 2022

Curious Lab: The One Where We Wanted to be Cultured and Got Lost in the Barbican

From the get-go we’ve been clear that Curious Health has to be purpose-led or perhaps better still, have a ‘just cause’. We ask ourselves ‘how can we do this better?’ for clients, but this is also a question we turn towards ourselves and how we run the business. It’s the reason we’ve signed up Better Business Act, which means that we will align commercial interests with those of wider society and the environment.

It’s the reason we’re setting things in motion to build an ethical and sustainable business so that we can be part of a global movement for an inclusive and equitable economy.

And so our Curious Lab activity this month was a visit to The Barbican’s Our Time on Earth exhibition: a response to the climate change emergency which considered new ways that nature and technology may intersect as we move forward into a new way of living.

The first thing to say is despite it not being our first time visiting The Barbican, you can’t help but be wowed by the Brutalist architecture every time you’re there. As a community where work, entertainment, learning and accommodation all co-exist it was the perfect venue for an exhibition that reimagined how we could integrate our technology-driven lives with the natural world that surrounds us. Once we’d found the way in.

The exhibition imagined how two very different worlds could not simply peacefully co-exist, but do so in such a way that brought about benefits for humans and nature. We were asked to draw inspiration from the natural world around and use technology in smart ways that not just reduce our impact on the planet but contribute to its wellbeing.

While the challenge of running a successful business whilst ALSO prioritising sustainability goals can seem big – almost impossible – there is a way of doing both if you approach the challenge with a little curiosity and creative thinking. If we do that, we can find ways of operating as a business that meets our organisational and client needs, while making sure our impact on the wider world is one for good.

This has implications for day-to-day business too.

The take away:

Our Time on Earth inspired us ask ‘what if’…?’

This thinking directly applies to how we run Curious Health: asking ‘what if…?’ in the face of something that seems big takes some of the pressure off and allows us to experiment with ideas that may have felt too risky in other settings.

  • What if we commissioned a patient to write our disease awareness materials?
  • What if we used immersive technology instead of an in person field force?
  • What if didn’t have mandated working hours?

We use ‘what if…?’ thinking when we approach client briefs, and as we consider how we build our business as a force for good.

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