January 16, 2023

Getting Curious with Chiara Mattavelli

We are so happy to welcome Chiara to Curious Health as Account Director.

Chiara brings her 12-year healthcare comms experience. Her eye for detail and organisational skills are a couple of her superpowers and her deep pharma expertise complement the diverse expertise within the existing team.

Chiara got into healthcare communications a bit by chance, in her native Italy, but immediately enjoyed being able to make a tangible impact as she worked to empower people to recognise the signs of a common eye condition. She built strong relationships with key Italian journalists, coordinating the day-to-day media activities and content development for many leading pharma companies. She then relocated to London, where she expanded her skillset by working on a number of UK, European and Global communications campaigns. These included patient engagement initiatives in haematology, the UK launch of a biologic for psoriasis, global COPD brand communications, a patient empowerment campaign in hepatitis C and global corporate media relations for a leading physician education platform.

Her expertise spans both branded and unbranded media relations, disease awareness, content development and event management across several therapeutic areas

Chiara is passionate about translating complex science and empowering people to make informed decisions about their health.

Getting curious with Chiara

Why did you want to join Curious Health?

I have always been one to look deeper, so when Catherine and Lottie (two former colleagues of mine) talked me through their vision for Curious Health and the agency culture they wanted to create, I got immediately excited. I am thrilled to join the agency in its start-up phase and to be able to shape its future. I am also looking forward to being part of such a diverse team and exchange skills and experiences to foster each other’s personal growth.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I have a little man who’s currently keeping me fit while learning to ride a scooter. I also enjoy spending time in nature (might involve a toddler these days) and I love practicing yoga whenever I can find some ‘me time’. Road tripping is currently on hold, but I can’t wait to be back to it!

What was the last song you listened to?

Arrival of the Birds by The Cinematic Orchestra, which is often on the background when I need to focus on a task.

Tell us an embarrassing moment

I am quite short-sighted and often struggle to recognise people when I can’t wear glasses, like at the spa. Once, in the whirlpool, I sat a tad too close to someone who was NOT my husband… and I had to squint even closer to realise the mistake… Oops!

 What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about empowering people to take ownership of their health. Providing digestible and relevant information to support their journey, and connecting them with other people sharing similar challenges, are important steps to allow them to achieve the best possible outcomes and live their lives to the fullest, despite their condition.



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